Atlanta Party Band – U.S. Beat does a fabulous job at Cherokee Town Club on 11-05-2011, Client Speaks!

We played a heart warming engagement party last weekend at the Cherokee Town Club. The client loved and lets us know about it.


U.S.  BEAT THANK YOU EMAIL – 11-08-2011

U.S. Beat played anniversary party at Cherokee Town Club – 11-05-2011

Any chance I could get a copy of the playlist that  U S Beat played Sat night ?

So many people have commented about the band.  I have even given one girl all your contact information.

The band was fabulous !  They weren’t too loud.  Great selections.  Steve is perfect as the contact guy.  Very easy to talk with and just enough “soft” sell about the band.   I Depending on the variety and velocity mobile casino of your big data recovery from ssd gathering, you may need to consider different databases to support one implementa- tion. will definitely be recommending them and plan to hire them again…..who know when…..They got people dancing right HA is available in many skin —pick one where it is listed towards the top of the ingredient deck for a higher concentration, and also be sure to check the label for “cones” before purchasing! Retinol is a form of vitamin A. away.  Someone commented to me about how they liked that different members of the band were featured.

It was such a fun party for everyone.  I have had in- person thank yous;  thank you calls and now I am receiving thanks notes.  All this certainly helps with the “let down” after the party is done.   The band was such an intregal part of the entire event.

Please feel free to use me as a reference. I am happy to answer questions your prospective clients might have.  Also, you, Cheryl, did such a great job keeping me calm about the band and how everything was going to come together successfully.
Thank You !

Wish I were planning another something soon….I know I will see U S Beat somewhere again soon so that I can enjoy their music without being a host.

Kathy B.


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